Many companies falsely tell new employees that they should take on challenges without fear of failure

When hiring new employees, many companies They want new employees to "take on challenges without fear of failure.

In general, this is to

1. growth and learning

2. innovation and competitiveness

3. teamwork and trust

4. leadership development

5. building a positive organizational culture

The purpose of the program is supposed to be to "build a positive organizational culture," among others. However, in reality, none of the companies are praised when a new employee joins the company and fails. The first priority is to learn the job. New employees do not have the opportunity to try new things, and failures are treated as mistakes. Companies are well aware of the above, The companies are aware of the above and intentionally omit the phrase "when the new employee has grown up enough". The sinister part is that they intentionally omit the phrase "when you have grown up enough. New employees who join a company with a willingness to take on new challenges Despairing of the status quo and are shaped by the corporate culture, and by the time they grow old, they are By the time they are old enough, they have become employees who wait for instructions.

We should conduct our hiring activities with the true intention of "We are looking for employees who are easy to deal with. and abolish the false business of recruiting consultants who deceive new employees.