The Importance of Knowledge Absorptive Capacity in Knowledge Spillover

Knowledge spillover refers to the informal acquisition and use of new knowledge to commercialize products and services in the marketplace (Cuvero, Granados, Pilkington and Evans,2019). Fallah and Ibrahim (2004) also argue that knowledge spillover is the unintentional transfer of knowledge to others across intended boundaries, and in any interaction, there is the possibility of knowledge exchange, and knowledge spillover depends on the ability of the recipient to absorb knowledge (absorptive capacity), the ability of firms to absorb knowledge depended on the experience and training of their personnel.


Knowledge spillover plays an important role in corporate and regional innovation. Knowledge spillover allows firms and regions to absorb not only their own knowledge, but also the knowledge of other firms and regions, leading to innovation.


Therefore, the ability to absorb knowledge through knowledge spillover is a very important factor for corporate and regional innovation.